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•Complete rack / cabinet fire solution

• 19” rack mounta ble, 2U rack space requirement

• Fully selt -containe d fire detection and suppression system

• Faster response to in-cabinet fire incidents




MIS install the Redetec 19” Rack mount Cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing System, providing localised fire protection to your most valuable assets within the data centre or comms room, eliminating the threat to business due to fire.


The system works at an individual rack level rather than protect the whole room, but using either

the FM200 or Novec 1230 eco-friendly extinguishants to protect your hardware. The units fit into

a 19” rack, contain detection and extinguishing hardware, which as they are located closer to

the seat of a possible fire, can detect smoke or flame faster, extinguish the threat to the whole

room, and potentially saving the business many thousands of pounds.


The units can be integrated into existing fire alarm and BMS systems, and are ideally suited for all

types of installation, typically health service, airports, ISPs, remote computer rooms, data centres.


Benefits of using the Redetec Cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing system:


• Requires little or no fire engineering design, installation cost or floor space

• Contributes to reasonable environmental emissions policy

• Redetec is transportable as it moves with the cabinet

• SNMP/web enabled for greater integration/management control

• Full control and security integration with main BMS system



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