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At MIS we only offer the best quality products from all the leading accredited manufacturers. As bandwidth requirements and data throughput becomes ever more critical to business performance, we recognise the need to provide the most suitable solution for your company.  


Our trained engineers ensure that the installation is smooth and completed within specified timescale to minimize disruption and downtime.  We install systems from basic voice cabling, category 5e, category 6, category 6a and category 7 solutions to the latest 40 Gigabit cabling products.


Our capabilities also include fibre optic cabling in both multimode and single mode variations.  


At MIS we consider it an advantage to be an independent vendor of networking hardware. This means that we can provide the most suitable and cost effective solution for your business from a wide range of suppliers that can deliver the performance most suited to your requirements.  We design networks that are reliable and deliver the best performance by understanding your needs and products selected to provide a network for both todays and tomorrows’ requirements, as well as being cost effective.


MIS Network Solutions can design and install a warranted solution that will deliver the flexibility you require. Each design is guaranteed standards compliant thanks to our strict ISO 9001 quality procedures


Not sure which infrastructure will meet your needs? – contact us to discuss your requirements